Friday, November 5, 2010

Here are a few pictures at Lake Keuka, where I hubby Jim and Mirage had a great time!!

Friday is Here

Well, here comes another weekend, i have not been around the blog world in some time, been pretty busy with LIFE, and trying to find the time to be creative. Well needless to say it has not been working out too well in that direction.

We took a nice trip up to Lake Keuka in New York State, last weekend, and boy was that nice, first time in 8 years since I became ill that I was able to get away and I was very nervous, but all went well, we even took my 2 and 1/2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback with us, and she was great, she traveled so well. And she had so much fun chasing the local chipmunks and squirrels, whom were not used to have a 95pound dog running around!! So all and all it was a great weekend.

The scenery was amazing, fall foliage at its peak, weather was overcast most of the time, but it was still great. Got some wonderful photos. The water at the Lake was so clean and clear, my dear Hubby did some fishing, he was out there fishing in the early am in his pajamas!! Twenty steps out the door had you on the dock and it was so pretty first thing in the am, as the sun rose above the mountain peaks

The main idea behind the weekend away was to get to visit with my dear Brother Skip and his girlfriend Margaret, we get so little time together, and it was nice to sit and talk as always just the phone, we got to look through a few boxes of family photos that I brought with me. Did some reading, out to eat a few times and had an early Thanksgiving dinner with Skip and Margaret and husband Jim and Mirage, we have not been together for a turkey dinner in oh 40 plus years. And Margaret and Skip prepared a wonderful meal.

Then it was back to reality, and dreary NJ, but such is life and vacations. I tell you I could take that environment 24/7, such a beautiful place to retire to. Although I believe winters would be rough, not unless you like being snowed in for a week at a time, the roads are so hilly and curvy, I would not want to drive in the winter!!

Will attach one card I made recently, hope you enjoy, and hope to have more soon,

Thanks and be back as soon as I can.