Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Challenge #37 at Joans Gardens!

Hi all,
Well another week, another challenge, always fun at Joan's, check out the challenge and the guidelines  HERE.

Of course Selma, did a wonderful example card HERE, from Selma's Stamping Corner, she is  truly a wonderful inspiration.

I followed the guidelines as best I could, and if you have any questions about my card, just ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I used Elizabeth's Glitter to fill in my stained glass window, did a few other versions using colors and they come out so nice!! Love these new dies.

Thanks Joan, as I got my lovely new dies from you, as well as a lot of my other supplies!!
I apologize that my flowers are so small, I did not want them to be too big, and I think I went in the opposite direction and used ones that are too small, and I also may put some black bling in the four corners on the front of the card to dress it up a bit, some times it will take me days of touching up to finish a card to the point that I am 100 percent happy with it. I can not tell you how many times I walk in and out of my craft room and change the card around each time I do, and some times this works and some times it does not!! So I think I still have some more to do!! Such is life I guess.
And thanks to anyone that stops by my lonely corner of the world!!! : )


  1. Donna this is such a pretty black and white card. I love that window die and the glitter makes it even prettier. Thanks for joining us again this week in our challenge at Joan's Gardens.

  2. Donna,l great job on a very pretty card. I love how you used the window and glitter.
    Thanks for joining us at Joan's Gardens for our weekly challenge.

  3. Hi Donna, thanks for leaving a comment on the Cheery Lynn Designs Blog for me. I will attempt to do a tutorial on the pansies as soon as I am able too. I only use a popsicle stick, no other implements at all, will explain why in the tutorial... it works best with cardstock though. Have a great week