Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blast From The Past!!! Happy Holidays

Boy I have not been here in some time, I do apologize, it has been a very rough year with my health issues.
I do hope I can now start an up hill climb, time will tell, I am battling many health issues, as my friends and family well know. My Fibromyalgia, has gotten really bad and I can't take any of the new medications for it, as they will compromise my lung issues, so just have to deal with the pain with pain medication's, and they don't do much, not enough anyway.

Anyway, will maybe post a card or two over the next few days, been ordering some new stuff, hoping that will give me the boost to create!!!

So take care and hope to see you all soon, I have been silently still following quite a few of your blogs, but just not posting, or commenting or competing in the challenges, but hope to improve on that all soon.

Take care, Happy Holidays to you all, and big hugs as well.

Love Donna

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  1. Hi Donna. It's great that you were up to posting this message. I hope your health issues continue to improve and that you find a way to manage all that pain. Life is so hard when in pain all the time! Take care of yourself. And have a wonderful Christmas. Loll xx