Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall and Changes

Well, it has been some time, I lost my blog for a spell, They kept telling me it did not exist, so after a time, we are found again.

Now I a not going to be posting anything exciting today, or over the next few days, I am quite involved in a task over at my favorite spot Hero Art's Flickr group. They are having some virtual challenges going on this weekend for Operation Write Home, so I will be busy creating cards over there, will let you know how it goes next week.

I am also trying to commit myself to doing this blog on a regular basis and also start to Journal my life, I want to make some BIG changes, organize myself, put myself on a tight regime to see if it helps me get more organized and healthy right now, and if I do things according to a list or schedule where I can check things off, I am more likely to do just that. I want to diet, research recipes, and eat healthier, do some small stretching exercises, a daily walk with my dog, and a certain amount of house work or yard work daily. And of course allow time to create and do my blog, this all came to me while driving around doing errands the other day, I just NEED change, and get out of the RUT I am currently finding myself lately.

I used to enjoy life, photography and so much more and lately I find myself just drifting aimlessly, so this is my attempt at handling my many health issues, which I will touch on over the months and keeping a journal will maybe also help me there, to see triggers to my Fibromyalgia pain, and weather changes and my pain levels, a whole lot of ground to cover.

So before I start all that here, I have to write down my regime to start on paper, or type it in word as a document and take it from there, I will start small as to not over whelm myself and ditch the effort like I have done in the past. Then I will set myself a goal on how long I will do this, probably to start maybe say 3 months, then expand it to a year. Then in the end when I get results I can also confer with my Dr.s and see if anything clicks.

So until next week, hope you and all the no people that see this enjoy our cooler weather.
Maybe some where some day this will help another Fibromyalgia sufferer or arthritis or pain control person get a grip on life and all the medications that they have to take. And maybe some where along the line I eventually will be able to get some sleep!!

See you all soon,

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