Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Pop In

Hi all, I have been very busy like everyone else, I guess it is the season!! Trying to get ready for the Holiday, and doing Mr. T!m's 12 tags of Christmas, they are all almost done except for day 6 and I am finishing up tag 12, the last one, I will post a few now, the rest are on my Flickr photostream.

I was very excited, I was actually lucky and my name was drawn as one of the comments on day 11, so I got a nice little package from T1ms blog, that was so exciting, would have rather had it been one of his tags signed but hey, get what we get, I am just glad to have won. I don't win too often, so I get very excited when I do. He still has a big drawing tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, but don't hold out much hope, as one I already one once, so what are the odds and there are so many comments from the week, I can imagine the odds are low, but I am wishing everyone good luck!!

I have not had much time to post lately, as usual, again I have committed myself to more things to do than I have time for in a day!!! Hopefully one of these days I can get a schedule down and be able to accomplish everything!

I hope to start posting on a daily basis, even though I feel like I am talking to myself. Maybe after the first of the new year, I will learn how to do a BLOG properly, and post some more exciting things.

Be back soon, thanks for coming by.


  1. Gorgeous tags and I love your topper with the dog in the glasses, to cute!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it! :-)

  2. Your tags are stunning! Love what I saw at the store too!