Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend of Hurrican Irene!!

Hi all,
Just me, popping in on my own Blog, have to do it once in a while!! Hope to do it more often soon, guess I am just destined to be one of those once in a while bloggers.
Anyway, was supposed to be off to my dear Brothers wedding tomorrow, but thanks to Hurricane Irene, my butt is staying home. Very unhappily staying home. Would rather be sharing the day with my brother and his new wife to be Margaret, but all things aside I did not want to chance driving home on Sunday with Irene roaring her ugly head. Not with 6-12 inches of rain forecast and the gusting winds. So will just have to stay home and create!!!
So anyway, attached today you will see the card that I made for my dear brother. Picture is above.
I am going to try and provide a link to my photostream where you can see the picture better and also an envelope that I made to send it in. You can also take a peak at some of my other creations if you like. Also there you will see what I used to make this lovely card.
Here is the link, Donnas Photo Stream.
Thanks for looking and Stay Safe during the storm!!!


  1. Ooo . . . your shaped card is beautiful. Lovin' your choice of colors and those wonderful flowers. Perfect wedding card! Glad to see you back in action . . . Hugz, Rose

  2. that's a beautiful card! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the picture of your dog with the glasses on! I a m always trying to get my cat to wear mine but cats are not nearly as cooperative as dogs!