Monday, May 16, 2011

Glorious Day for ME!!!

Well folks, lousy weather here in Old NJ, but has been a good day for me, a dear friend and co crafter went on a cruise recently and she is big into the Cricut machine, and this was a Gypsy cruise to better learn how to use her Gypsy. Well my dear husband had built a stand for our dryers for embossing so we could emboss hands free, so he built a few and they are for sale in our local store. Pat bought one and has a different dryer than what the stand was built for and we have been going back and forth trying to do adjustments to her stand so she can use her old dryer until it dies and then she will buy the correct one, anyway, while she was on this cruise my husband had her dryer and stand and came up with an easy fix (second one) and she came to pick it up and she had a little gift bag with her, and she said it was for me,f or all we have done for her, well I almost fell over when I opened it, inside was a brand new with two cartridges installed on it already GYPSY.!! She had won it on the cruise and obviously they all have one already, so Pat thought kindly of me, so glad she did, I am tickled pink!!
Totally made my day!!! Now I have another thing to learn how to use!!! But will enjoy it none the less!! Thank YOU PAT.

Then my dear Flickr friend Dana has helped me finally figure out how to put the gadgets on my side bar and how to post links in my postings, something I have been trying to SELF learn by myself for months now and got so frustrated that I did not want to Blog anymore, so now hopefully that I can do these things I will be posting more.

But first off, I am going aways for a week to upper New York state to visit with my dear brother Skip, we will be staying in a house on Lake Keuhka NY, and it is gorgeous up there, so will pick up my blogging upon my return and will start it off with some beautiful pictures (I hope).

Thanks for stopping by and see you all soon!!!


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