Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And Summer Rolls On! And another Challenge at Joan's Gardens!!

Well, I hope you all had a nice weekend, we did not do too much, had to help my dear hubby type some reports for his work, so that took a good part of the day Saturday, and by the time we got done that, neither one of us wanted to cook dinner, so we ordered out and went to pick it up, and NO DISHES. Was a wonderful thing. I think we only have 5 reports or so left to do, I guess that they can't afford a secretary for my husband, so he brings small things home for me to do, and I don't mind. I just had hoped to spend the weekend making some cards, but that did not happen.

In fact the one I am going to post here, is the one that I made for him at 2 in the wee hours of the morning while he was sleeping!! And he likes his cards simple, so that is what I tried to keep it.  He also likes to fish, and I made a card related to fishing last year, so I figured I would do something different.
So I just stamped the deer head, and colored it with my copics, layered it and put some glossy accents on the black nose.
And that is it, very CAS.

I did this card for my hubby for Fathers Day, and I am also entering it in the Challenge over at Joan's Gardens, she has a weekly challenge and it is always so fun to do, and she has wonderful prizes.
Check it out, you can see the guidelines HERE, and most of my supplies have  come from Joan's gardens, this week only my cardstock came from Joan's, she sells it in packets and it comes in wonderful colors and it is so great for making flowers, it is not overly thick. My dear head stamp was from my stash, don't remember who makes it, and my glossy accents I have had for ages, and it may have come from Joan's. It is getting so hard now, to remember what came from where. With my brain anyway!!    And of course, as usual, Selma did a lovely sample card, which can be viewed HERE, on her blog, Selma's Stamping Corner, a very talented lady!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, I am kind of weak today, the humidity is very high here today, and that makes my breathing very difficult, even though I am indoors in the A/C, I can still feel how miserable it is outside, We are supposed to get some thunder storms this afternoon, nice napping weather!!
I went to do one or two errands, and god I felt like someone was sitting on my chest, and that was right after a breathing treatment. I can also feel at night when the humidity levels rise. I could not wait for summer, but it seems like August type weather came way too early, I know it is not 90 or 100 out, but for me it is still yucky, I miss nice long spring weather!!! Welcome to NJ.

I know rambling again, I do that quite often, sorry. Think that comes from lack of sleep.
Oh well, take care all,
Thanks for stopping by.

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